Patient Testimonials

  • I’ve had chronic shoulder problems for years, so much so that my doctor thought I had torn things in my shoulder. After an MRI revealed no tears, I began seeing Mark at his practice. It’s been a thorough and invigorating process, but my shoulder health has never been better, and my pain level has decreased significantly. No more catching, failures in the joint aren’t happening anymore, and I hope to be pressing back to my original weights soon! Fantastic care, Mark is a one of a kind guy who truly cares about his profession. Would absolutely recommend to anyone seeking PT.

    Trevor F.

  • I came to Motive for a really tricky problem: pain in my tail bone. I had been seeing numerous other people to try to fix it (chiro, accupuncture, yoga) and wasn’t finding a lasting fix. I went to Motive for about 6 weeks. This involved early morning (for me early!) stretches, massage and workouts. It was PROACTIVE and super helpful. NOT only did it help my problem, but it also helped me know how to avoid it and fix it in the future. I can’t recommend Motive enough! Everyone working at Motive has been super friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and HELPED me FIX my problem!

    Aaron T.

  • I came to Motive for back pain aggravated by lifting workouts and it was affecting my daily life with my kids. John was very knowledgeable about my injury and also the type of movements I was eager to get back to doing pain free. He worked to help me stabilize my back and start squatting and deadlifting without pain. I am so happy with my experience at Motive. John and all the staff were friendly and the atmosphere was always positive. I definitely recommend Motive to all of my friends and family regardless of the injury or activity level. Thank you!

    Mary W.

  • MARK IS AMAZING!!!! I’ve had issues with TMJ for 10 years and after one session I felt immediate improvement!!! Everyone is friendly and accommodating and I always feel comfortable when I’m in the clinic! Thank you Mark 🙂

    Maria F.

  • The staff from the minute I walked in the staff was friendly and inviting. I was referred by someone that goes to the same gym as me and extremely grateful he did. I was worried that my shoulder injury would never go away as I had been experiencing pain for at least 6 months. I tried other therapy places but to no avail. I almost did not want to go in because I was afraid the answer was going to be, “Just don’t workout for 2 months.” This was not the case. John was able to use his therapeutic tools and cupping techniques to get my shoulder pain from a 10 to a 0. This was all done WITHOUT having to stop going to the gym. Thank you to the staff and especially John. Highly Recommend!

    Erik V.

  • Motive PT is amazing. I treated here after being injured in a car accident. The staff are courteous, professional, and most importantly, great at their jobs. I worked with John, who brought me back to 100% in no time. I always received one on one attention, which is hard to find in this field, especially at other chain-PT locations. I’ll be referring all of my friends and family here. Thanks! 

    Adam W.

  • Dr mark really knows his stuff – best PT around

    Brett S.

  • Mark Worrilow was incredible to work with. I had begun experiencing daily lower back pain that was also causing discomfort in my leg. I reached out to Mark, and he quickly found time to get me in for an evaluation. During my evaluation, Mark was extremely thorough and took the time to explain exactly what each technique was going to help us learn about my injury. After two weeks of performing daily exercises assigned by Mark and a second session in the office, I was feeling back to normal again. In addition to the high-quality care, the facility at Motive was also top-notch and super clean. I would highly recommend Mark and Motive to anyone in search of sports/physical therapy!

    Steve C.

  • I have suffered from TMJ for years but within this past year, my pain escalated. That is when I decided to go to physical therapy to get some relief. Dr. Mark has MAGICAL HANDS! Within the first couple of sessions, I started to feel some relief. Mark’s knowledge and professionalism are unmatched. He even took it a step further by teaching me exercises to do at home after I graduated. I will definitely recommend Motive Sports and Physical Therapy to family and friends.

    Teresa N.

  • I could not have had a better experience. I had been experiencing some lower back pains from being in the gym and had been looking for a place to go. I learned that Mark had opened his own business and started Motive and so glad that he did. I was greeted by a young woman named Lauren who welcomed me to Motive with a warm greeting and helped make sure I was all set while I waited to be seen by Mark. The waiting area is very comfortable. Once Mark was ready to evaluate me it was a great experience. Mark was very personable and professional and making me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. In the end, I left with an abundance of information and a game plan towards resolving my pain. Thank you so much! Can’t wait to come back!

    D. L.