Bob C.

April 2nd, 2021

Motive Sports & PT provides a personalized plan of action. When I initially met with John, he tested my strength and flexibility, documented specific measurements and noted my strength and stability. He then asked me for specific goals which influenced the treatment plan. In addition to eliminating the hamstring strain, I wanted to resume my regular exercise routine of spin classes, Body Pump and running 5-6 miles 2 times per week. I was impressed that John was not providing a “cookie cutter” approach, but developing a plan that met my objectives. In 6 short weeks, I was better than 100%.
The treatment plan was varied, building on my previous session’s success. John patiently demonstrated how to perform each exercise and stressed good form. The personalized attention and friendly atmosphere is a refreshing approach to sports PT. I left with a series of stretches that I have been following both pre and post workouts.